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Background & Consulting Activities  
OCS is a strong consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of products and services solutions in the United States and Latin American markets and government agencies. Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous venture performance. We also provide smart consulting on investments opportunities for public and private ventures, planning for sustainable economic development with innovative and renewable technologies, business development and enterprise geographic information systems.   We design, plan, develop, execute, and uphold consulting smart strategies and applications to incorporate the most effective solution to your requirements.  Our client base spans public and private sectors, including federal, state and local governments, investors, private companies and individuals, civic educational and cultural institutions.

OCS Background
Although established in 2009,  it's management team members bring many years of experience and good record of accomplishments in project consulting for clients. Before OCS was created, Managing Director  Mr. Alex Orozco, and his associates worked  for government agencies and business in both the United States and Mexico.

Consulting Activities 

2015: Consulted for Public Health of Mexico Supply and Services SA de CV  Company of Mexico in negotiating contracts and exporting goods to Mexico. Negotiated contracts and exported raw materials to Mexico for several companies. Facilitated imports from Mexico to the United States. 

2014: Consulted and facilitated trade opportunities for Mirpac Norte SA de CV of Mexico, Seahorse, Inc. of Texas, Raw Energy Materials, Corp.

2013: Consulted and facilitated financing and investment opportunities for the mining sector in Mexico including commercialization of iron ore, gold and copper. Consulted for Raw Energy Materials Company, Public Health of Mexico Supply and Services, SA de CV of Mexico, Tradeco, Minera Pura Gloria and Covalan Grupo Minero. Consulted for private organizations and individuals in the areas of urban planning and development, financing and investments.   

2012:  Consulted for sellers and buyers of commodities. Consulted for Raw Energy Materials Company in testing, marketing and selling sustainable construction materials such as basalt reinforcement materials. Consulted for a Peruvian Company in the planning and development of new communities in Peru. Consulted for Minera Pura Gloria Company, a Mexican company commercializing commodities, auditing and providing financing for mining projects in Mexico.  

2011:  Planned, lobbied and set up meetings for a New Mexico's city Mayor with Mayors of Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami and other US Mayors;  Advised a Rhode Island Mayor on urban planning issues and the use of green construction materials for urban built environments; 

2010:  Facilitated and arranged meetings for US State Department officials with Mexico City government and educational officials from the University Autonomous of Mexico City during the international congress of United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) in Mexico City;  Provided consulting services for a border city in New Mexico to rescue and reactivate the presidential permit process for a new port-of-entry under President Obama.

2009:  Provided consulting services to the State Government of San Luis Potosi, Mexico seeking bilateral investment and trade relations with the state of Texas.  Planned and arranged meetings between the Governors of Texas and San Luis Potosi and other government officials and entrepreneurs for both states. Current projects include investment and trading in the commercial, tourism and agricultural sectors;  A city in Texas used our consulting services to explore, evaluate and facilitate a sister city program with Mexican cities with emphasis on trade, educational and cultural relations.

Management Team:

  • Alex Orozco, Managing Director
  • Rene P. Aranda, CTO 
  • Salvador Nunez, Urban Infrastructure Planning Director


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