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OCS (Orozco Consulting Services) is a public and business consulting firm that specializes on United States and Latin America markets, government policies, government relations, public and private investment and financing opportunities. Consulting services also include sustainable urban and regional planning, economic development, business development, alternative technologies and products for a healthier urban living. Development, integration and operation of complex Web Geographic Information Systems. We offer complete solutions for your current projects and assist you in addressing issues and identifying opportunities for new projects.

Consulting and Operations

We evaluate your ideas, issues,  plans and projects and offer quick and reliable strategies and solutions for your company or organization.
United States and Latin America  We expedite your interaction with companies, government agencies and officials and entrepreneurs to quickly identify available resources to support your projects and initiatives. We address issues at the highest levels of government and provide practical recommendations for solutions. We develop trade and investment missions. We provide strategic counsel and legal framework for projects. We develop cultural and educational exchange programs and projects.    
Regional and Urban Planning for Sustainable Development We provide the tools for building civic consensus across political boundaries to accomplish the best planning and development options for your community.  
Financial Transactions and Investment Consulting Services for Business Opportunities After consultation,  we design a planning strategy to identify and define opportunities with the greatest benefits for all parties involved. We help you with all questions related to planning, and development, investment, financing and business development opportunities..
Consulting and Design for Alternative Products and Sustainable Technologies for a Healthier Urban Living  We provide built environment field-tested analysis, assessment and implementation of your sustainable alternatives for your city, town or village infrastructure using, 21st century "green" and/or renewable materials and innovative design concepts.  
Development, integration, and Operation of Complex Web Geographic Information Systems We develop reliable and smart Enterprise GIS systems at both levels, office-based and web-based. We create the right geographic information database for planning and development purposes that includes modeling, alternative scenarios and impact analysis outcomes.  
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