A Public and Business Consulting Firm. Quality Consulting and Solid Solutions.


OCS has highly experienced associates who are intimately familiar with a rich diversity of professions and academic backgrounds including financing, economics, regional, urban planning and public policies, investment, political science,  public administration, government affairs, civil and structural engineering,  environmental law, public relations, marketing, digital data management, geographic information systems and internet mapping capabilities,so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide a total outsourcing answer to your needs, covering every aspect of research,  auditing , planning, development, execution and maintenance of a network of services.  We take our clients information and perform a map-road analysis and provide a guide to achieve our client's goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. An effective planning stage is key to success and OCS is here to assist our clients.


Public policy and business decisions affect our clients interests and their organization's daily operations whether they are a government institution, business entity, not-for-profit, civic group, special interest group, entrepreneur or individual. OCS works and addresses this fact of life for our clients under the following professional services:

• Issue Advocacy
• Identifying and matching Buyers and Sellers of Commodities, minerals and Investment Instruments 
• Auditing project merits, government permitting and social issues afecting business activities
• Financial Transactons and Investment Services 
• Legislative Monitoring and Policy Impact Analysis
• Strategic Message and Execution
• Assumption Testing and Consensus Building
• Federal, State and Local Governments Outreach
• Identification of Issues and Concerns in Local Communities and Economic Development Opportunities

Industry Experience

- Regional and Urban Planning
- Civil and Structural Engineering
- Federal Government Permitting for International Trade
- Global Investment Instruments
- Economic Development and Public Policy 
- Investment and Financing
- Education and Cultural Diversity
- Regional and Local Politics
- Geographic Data Management Technologies
- Small Business
- Marketing and Public Relations

We generally charge by the hour for our consulting services. However, we often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New Clients also use hourly support when they need immediate assistance.



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